Mouthwatering Cakes, Please Stop Following Me Around the Internet, I’m begging you. Please. Stop. You’re killing me.

Photo of a vanilla cake on a cake platter with chocolate ganache dripping down the sides and shaved chocolate on top.
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

The Etsy of Food

What I soon learned was that my gifts had been ordered through Goldbelly rather than directly from the café, which is how a lot of artisanal food and meal purveyors in the U.S. reach distant clientele these days.

Comfort doesn’t come cheap, however.

20 Layer Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake from Lavo in NYC (Image:

A Shock and Awe of Ads

Immediately after I explored the website, the assault of temptations began. They peppered my social media feed with sweets and meats. Plastered websites with photo grids of culinary delights, as many as four ads to a page. I was stalked from Facebook to BuzzFeed, eBay, and PopSugar. On YouTube, my Skip Ads intro often featured the company’s CEO, Joe Ariel, a likable pitchman in the role of cheerleader for the passionate makers behind crepe cakes, cannoli, pizza, and more.

Blue Owl Bakery’s Levee High Apple Pie (image:

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