Yes, I buy used shoes.

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I am income-challenged.

Being a full-time caregiver for a loved one tends to cut into a person’s ability to make a living. Working fixed remote hours, never mind taking a job outside the home, is difficult when you’re needed 24 hours a day to tend to someone who can’t care for themselves. I do it out of love, without pay or financial support because my relative can provide neither. It’s my choice and one I would make again.

Many purchases that middle-class Americans take for granted aren’t part of my budget. A car, electronic toys, vacations, and other entertainment (pre-pandemic…

If only I’d seen where the cryptocurrency road was leading.

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I’ve been into cryptocurrency since before the term HODL was coined in a Bitcoin chat forum in 2013, HODLing being a typo for HOLDing, meaning to hold onto your coins, ideally in an offline wallet, and not sell.

After lurking on the sidelines, I first took the plunge with DOGECOIN, which I bought on eBay soon after its release. Back then savvy investors would have said my 180K DOGE wasn’t worth the paper on which its wallets were printed.

I traded purely for fun, so I don’t remember the exact total I paid, maybe $200. I sent my coins to…

Use this strategy to keep moving on Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and other eCommerce platforms.

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I’ve sold online for years, and though I’ve done reasonably well at times, I’ve never experienced the fantastical profits some people claim are just a YouTube video or blog post click away.

How I Made $30,000 Last Month on eBay Working Just Minutes a Day


I Turned a $15 Investment into $100,000 of Passive Income on Etsy. You Can Too!

Okay, so I’m exaggerating with these made-up clickbait headlines, but not by a lot.

Thumbnails for videos hawking the dream often feature women grinning into the camera with a look of stunned incredulity. I made how much? Slick marketing…

The bargains helped me get over the “ick factor.”

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Have you ever debated snapping up a deal and gone home without it, only to regret it later?

How about shoe bargains like these? Schutz $250 Leopard Pony Hair flats for $5. Pristine UGG sheepskin boots for $10. Yummy Tory Burch sandals for $12. Deals this good are out there. I know, because I’ve seen them. I bought the first two myself and lusted after the third, the sandals, but they were a size too small.

Want to go high end? How do Ferragamo $600 horse-bit loafers for $15 sound? Manolo…

You find a “holey stone” on the beach. Here’s how the hole got there and what makes it special, with a meditative practice to wash away worries and fears.

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I am four years old. My grandfather and I walk along the tideline at the beach in Southern California. Or, rather, my grandfather is trying to walk, while I continually hold him back.

It’s not just that I am a short, little girl who can’t keep up with his long legs. It’s that I don’t want to keep up. I want to stop and gather every item strewn on the shore…, I’m begging you. Please. Stop. You’re killing me.

Photo of a vanilla cake on a cake platter with chocolate ganache dripping down the sides and shaved chocolate on top.
Photo of a vanilla cake on a cake platter with chocolate ganache dripping down the sides and shaved chocolate on top.
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

Dear Goldbelly,

You’ve got to know I’ve gained nineteen pounds during COVID. You’ve got to know I’m stuck at home, self-isolating as I wait for that last Moderna shot to make me fully vaccinated. You’ve got to know I’m missing my hometown of Los Angeles so much, and that’s why you keep showing me ads with those adorable little Cakewiches from Cake Monkey on Beverly Boulevard, and the irresistible Burnt Ends BBQ kit from Ugly Drum.

I respectfully request you quit toying with my deep-seated food cravings or else I’ll need…

C.D. O'Keefe

Essayist and creative nonfiction writer | Anthologist specializing in family relationships | Shell Economist Prize Winner

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